5-Piece Wet Shaving Set with Merkur HD 34C Razor, Save $40

5-Piece Wet Shaving Set with Merkur HD 34C Razor, Save $40
5-Piece Wet Shaving Set with Merkur HD 34C Razor, Save $40
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Brand: Fendrihan
Rating: 5 stars 5/5 (6 Reviews)
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This carefully put together shaving set will give the beginner the right set of tools to improve his shaving experience.

1) Merkur HD Classic Safety Razor; the best-selling double-edge safety razor from Merkur. It has a hefty handle that provides an excellent grip. Ideal wet-shaving starter razor. It accepts all standard double-edge blades (Merkur, Derby, Feather etc.).
Weight: 2.4 oz. (68 g)
Length: 3.25" (8 cm)

2) Vulfix 660 Super Badger Shaving Brush, Medium Size. Handmade from carefully selected, top-quality badger hair. The super badger hair is very soft and supple, providing an excellent water-holding capacity.
Please select the handle color from the drop-down menu: faux ivory or faux ebony.
Overall height: 100 mm
Handle height: 50 mm
Bristle loft: 50 mm
Knot diameter: 20 mm

3) Large Apothecary Shaving Mug by Fendrihan. Perfect for whipping up a rich lather. Classic, clean lines and a practical contoured knob.
Internal diameter: Base 3 3/8" (8.5 cm). Top 4 2/8" (10.8 cm)
Height: 3 1/2" (9 cm)

4) Fendrihan Shaving Soap. We have partnered with German soap milling and making artisans to create our own line of luxury shaving soaps that provide a close, non-irritating shave.
Fragrance will be selected depending on stock availability.
Weight: 4.8 oz (135 g)

5) Razor and Brush Metal Stand. A practical stand for your shaving brush and razor. It helps the badger shaving brush stay dry.

$40 off individual list prices.

Don't forget the blades! Many of our first-time customers decide to purchase a razor blade sampler with their first DE razor as a practical way to determine which blade brand is best suited to their skin type, style of shaving and razor type, before making a purchase of a large quantity of blades.

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Q:Is a black mug provided if black is chosen for the brush handle?Paul(05/14/2014)

A:Yes. If you select black the set will ship with a black handle brush and a black mug.

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by Ben

Bought this set 2 months ago, also purchased a sample back of blades and Proraso shaving cream. Shipping was crazy fast!! Started to get frustrated after a month of wet shaving and still getting razor burn. I switched to TOBS Jermyn St for sensitive skin shaving cream and a Wilkinson Sword blade (which came in my sample pack), with my Merkur 34C; I have never had a better shaving experience. It might take a bit of time and money to find the right combination for your skin type, but it's well worth it! Highly recommended!!

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Lincoln Johnson

An excellent deal and a great way to get away from cartridges. All of the items in this kit are excellent quality and produce a great shave. A perfect starter kit, especially when paired with one of the razor blade samplers.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Larry Schmidt

After years of electric and mult-blade shaving I decided to plunge into double edge shaving and bought the 5-piece wet shaving set. I read some blogs and noted that people seemed happy with Fendrihan. I havn't done much on-line shopping. Fendrihan shipped my order quickly and everything arrived nicely packaged. The Merkur HD 34C has worked out well. At some point in the future, I'll probably buy an adjustable razor just to see what that type of razor will do. I also bought a variety pack of blades which I'm slowly working through. I've finished the Merkur bades and am looking forward to trying the Astra and Feather. The wet shaving experience suits my life-style. It takes more time that the electric razor but the result is definately worth the time. Plus using the badger shaving brush is a nice way to start the day! the 5-piece set worked for me. I'm looking forward to using Fendrihan again! (the system makes me choose a Star Rating. I haven't done enough wet-shaving to compare this package with other razors/brushes/razors so I decided to give it a 4-star rating. But taking a chance at on-line shopping, spending a bit of money and entering the world of wet shaving worked for me)

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by shave newbie

If you are still using cartridge razors you are missing out, this is really a superior shave, if you are thinking of buying this just do it...

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by PCshaver

This set has everything you need to get started. It is ideal for a beginning shaver. The Merkur HD is the perfect razor to learn on. It's the perfect blend of effective and usable. The Vulfix super badger is an excellent product as well Do not hesitate to buy this set.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by jared

I ordered this set on Thursday and I already received it today (Monday)! I just shaved with it and it's fantastic. It has everything I need as a first-time DE safety razor user. The quality of each piece is top notch. Even the soap that came with it (coffee) lathers rich and smells great. I've never had a non-professional shave that's been smoother or more enjoyable. I'm hooked! Thanks Fendrihan!

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   


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