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Fendrihan is a leading Canadian retailer of some of the best men’s shaving essentials to provide its customers with a perfect shaving experience. Founded in 2007 and incorporated in 2008, Fendrihan’s mission has been to offer high quality shaving products and time-honored brands especially for wet-shaving enthusiasts. Throughout the years, Fendrihan has expanded its mission and product offering beyond shaving supplies to encompass superior grooming products for men, leather accessories, writing instruments and kitchen knives. Today, Fendrihan runs a successful operation of more than ten full-time and part-time employees with headquarters in Ontario and its shipping facility in Oakville, Canada. It has become a recognized grooming and style partner for gentlemen around the world and has been in the business of providing some of the best men’s products, excellent value for money and customer delight.

All online orders ship worlwide, 5 days a week, from our facility located at: 2538 Speers Rd, Oakville, Ontario L6L5K9, Canada.

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A Place for the Modern Gentleman: Shaving, Grooming and Style

It is our goal at Fendrihan to give every man the complete grooming experience, and so we offer a variety of products to suit your varied preferences. In terms of shaving, we transform this fundamental grooming routine into a pleasurable activity that every man would surely appreciate and enjoy. Our offer of brands ranges from the classic and affordable, to the luxurious and hard to find. Our selection features German shaving staples with proven quality over the centuries, the finest from the London barbering district, hidden gems from Portugal and Spain, distinguished French purveyors, and of course our very own Fendrihan wet shaving supplies.

Aside from its intensive product line for wet-shaving, Fendrihan is a one-stop shop for all essentials that the modern gentleman requires. We have an intricate selection of only the best grooming products for men including classic fragrances, face and body care products as well as hair products to suit our customers’ wide preferences. Our shop also carries an exceptional line of leather accessories in the form of exquisite wallets, briefcases and bags, as well as fine writing instruments with some of the most sought-after brands in the world — Aurora, Montegrappa, Omas and Sheaffer. Fendrihan’s selection of kitchen knives is also worthy of your attention for gentlemen who enjoy the delight of culinary arts and gastronomy.

Gift Giving Made Easy

A must try in our catalogue and a fine gift idea are the shaving sets consisting of three to five pieces of traditional shaving products, which can also be used as travel kits. Shaving kits take care of the guesswork for new wet-shavers and offer savings too. Fendrihan’s line of grooming products such as the body shower wash and gels, deodorants, facial care products and fragrances are perfect gift ideas that would delight any man. Not to forget are Fendrihan’s leather products, writing instruments and kitchen knives for special presents.

On the other hand, if you are a female and don't exactly know what your dad or husband prefers, you might want to give them a Fendrihan gift certificate. It's a great gift that can be redeemed by your loved one to purchase exactly what he wants. You won't believe how many of our customers come back after the holidays because they didn't get what they wanted and are now looking for that treat. Minimize their frustration and score some points with a gift certificate (and save some time in the process).

Proven Quality

We offer only the best grooming, shaving and lifestyle products to delight our customers with the best experience through brands that are time-honored, products that have stood the test of time and also new players that are the talk of the gentleman’s community. Not to forget as well are our product lines of impressive writing instruments, leather products and kitchen knives that have been carefully selected by Fendrihan to ensure the best of quality. But we also let you weigh into our product choosing. Love that shaving cream? Not so thrilled about that moisturizer? Feeling so-so about that leather accessory? Please let us and others know by reviewing our products. There is no obligation to leave a favorable review; just tell us what you think. Use the "Review" function that you will find on each product page to express yourself. Take your time; we really like long reviews.

All About You

At our goal is to celebrate manhood by providing you with a great shopping experience and with products that will not just satisfy your need for grooming, shaving and style but will ultimately provide you with delight. Fendrihan aims to make every man look, feel and exude the part of a classic gentleman whether it is by making you discover your signature cologne scent, enhancing your shaving and grooming experience, providing you with the perfect leather briefcase or equipping you with the ideal writing instrument.

We strive to deliver excellent customer service and will always be here to answer your questions or offer advice. No question is too big or small, just try us. Feel free to contact us at any time; we would surely like to hear what you think.

We also have comprehensive shaving advice in our Advice section and through Fendrihan, the blog, where we try to provide our customers and readers the best possible advice. And don’t forget to check out the latest news and promotions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Canadian customers enjoy direct shipping with no custom-related hassles or delays. You can choose to shop in Canadian or US dollars, and avoid currency exchange fees that way. Our customers also benefit from free shipping with a minimum purchase. Visit and browse our store regularly for the newest product offerings, as we continuously expand our selection.


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NewsMax: The Very Best Men’s Shavers

Newsflash from NewsMax: instead of a dreaded chore, a man’s daily shave can be a luxurious experience, especially when using the Chatsworth Barley safety razor from Edwin Jagger, featured for its superior craftsmanship and durable construction, as well as its elegant profile and easy to grip etched barley patterned handle.
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MaxFit: Tools for the perfect old-fashioned shave

The first (and entirely photogenic) look at the Fendrihan apothecary shaving mug, praise for our range of Merkur safety razors, and the essential tools for the ultimate wet-shave, including the badger brush and Geo F Trumper shaving creams, all part of the Fendrihan product selection.
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SHARP: Spring/Summer 2011 Book For Men

Taylor of Old Bond Street's Mr. Taylors Roll-on Deodorant and eShave Verbena Lime Shaving Cream, provided by Fendrihan for this editorial, are two essential maintenance items for this season.
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SHARP: How a Man Should Groom

What makes a great shaving cream, the best face products, grooming basics and six essential grooming tools you can get at All in November 2010 issue of Sharp Magazine for Men.
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Fast Company: Clean and Clear

The apothecary-style shaving ritual, Semogue and Gentlemens Refinery products, and the place to get them,, featured in the November 2010 edition of Fast Company Magazine.
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SHARP: Fall/Winter 2010 Book For Men

SHARP lists Fendrihan as the place to stock up on D. R. Harris & Co., Edwin Jagger and Geo F. Trumper. And the editorial MAINTENANCE features grooming essentials straight from Fendrihan's shelves.
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SHARP: Top Five Deodorants for Men and our Geo F Trumper GFT Deodorant Stick have been featured in the online edition of SHARP Magazine for Men, where the GFT Deo Stick has been picked as one of their Top Five Deodorants for Men.
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SHARP: Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Fendrihan exclusive products have been featured in SHARP Magazine for Men. Read on to find out which items are a definite must in your medicine cabinet.
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