Belgian Blue Coticule 6x3", Sharpening Stone

Belgian Blue Coticule 6x3", Sharpening Stone
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Brand: Belgian Coticule
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Natural sharpening stone imported from Belgium. The normal grit of the stone is 4000, making ideal for re-sharpening a dull blade. After using the Blue Coticule the transition can be made to the yellow coticule for final polishing and touches.

The stone is very hard (harder that most artificial wet stones) but will still need lapping before first usage and from time to time. It can be lapped by using a lapping stone (i.e DMT-8C 325 coarse diamond sharpening stone or Norton Lapping Stone) or with sandpaper on a very flat surface (i.e. glass).

Note: These are natural stones and each stone is one-of-a-kind. Consequently the photo is for illustration purposes ONLY, and might not accurately represent the Belgian Blue Coticule stone you will actually receive.

Tip: the long edges of the stone should be rounded slightly with a lapping stone or sandpaper. This way the risk of denting the blade in a normal honing motion across the stone is greatly reduced.

Quarried in Belgium
Size: 6x3" (150x80 mm)

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