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Other Men's Shaving Brushes

Browse this page to find high quality shaving brushes in Canada that may differ a bit from the others on our site. You will see names that are linked to some of the premium razors and innovative men’s grooming products Fendrihan is famous for bringing to our customers, but here we are showcasing the badger hair shaving brush offerings these companies also have in their range. Perhaps you are looking to coordinate your shaving tool set and want a Dovo, Merkur or Thiers Issard badger shaving brush to pair with favored razors from the same artisan. The handles on this collection of brushes have some fascinating variations, including a long handled model and exquisite polished metal options. You may also want to investigate the H.I.S. synthetic brushes, quick to lather and dry, and particularly attractive when a pure badger shaving brush may not be the best fit because of sensitivity or a desire to avoid animal-based grooming products. This is a page to return to often as unique brushes from both our long-established partners and new sources often find a home here. Enjoy the grooming journey with the purchase of a new shaving brush; we are always open.
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