Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve Cologne After Shave Lotion

Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve Cologne After Shave Lotion
Brand: Clubman
Rating: 4 stars
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Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve Cologne After Shave Lotion is counted among Pinaud's classic line of products. Its unique blend of ingredients provides a bold scent reminiscent of the barbershop while helping to soothe irritated skin after shaving. Similarly, Pinaud's Special Reserve Cologne can also serve to cool the skin and help the user freshen up. It is a product that is suitable for use both after shaving and when stepping out of the bath.

Pinaud is an established name among businesses that provide grooming products for men. Its roots stretch to 1810 when a perfumer named Edouard Pinaud opened his shop in Paris. Edouard is the same man who launched the Clubman line of products, having hired an artist to design the same dapper Frenchman still in use on modern labeling. Clubman has since expanded under its subsequent owners into other fields such as hair care products for men and grooming products for women.

Weight: 6 oz (177 ml)
Made in USA
UPC/EAN code: 070066040722


by Mark Butler

This is just as effective as any of the Pinaud aftershaves, if you've experimented with them you'll know what I mean. As for the fragrance, I bought this thinking it was more of a leathery spicy scent, instead opened the bottle to smell more of a lilac present slight undertone of leather (maybe?!?!) haha Just to be pre-warned this scent has more of a floral smell to it than anything... so if you're not into floral scents you may not like this. Although I have to admit dabbing a little on some clothes it dulls down to a fairly nice light scent. Still not something I personally would buy again.

Rating: 3 stars [3 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Ron Gruber

Another great product from Clubman. When I opened the bottle, I was a bit hesitant about the scent. I splashed it on and gave the typical burn but shortly after the strong scent mellowed and it had a truly old school scent. My wife loves the scent and it stays for pretty much the day without being overpowering. Well worth the money

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Robert Machon

This is a very good fragrance and a real bargain. While it may not be a masterpiece like Knize Ten, it does offer a rich and long lasting rendition of leather. All the Pinaud products I have tried have been of very good quality; they are equal to or better than a lot of aftershaves that cost at least two or three times the price.

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by tshpeley

This is my go to aftershave, after purchasing a bottle for myself and falling in love with the classic scent of this aftershave I quickly came back and ordered three more bottles, 1 for me, 2 for family. Best of all I can still smell traces of the scent late into the day.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by massimo

nice product I must say feels good on the face as for the scent you may find hard to deal with, not like most scents, good product for the price

Rating: 3 stars [3 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   


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