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Shaving Creams - Castle Forbes

Luxurious grooming products for men are the pride of Castle Forbes, an exclusive perfumery creating its unique shaving and personal care products on the estate continuously occupied by the Forbes family in Scotland for the past 600 years. Finding Castle Forbes shaving cream in Canada is as simple as visiting the Fendrihan website, but once you receive a tub of this lovely cream you will find yourself transported to the wild Highlands, the fresh and natural ingredients creating not only a rich and creamy lather for wet shaving but also giving you a sense of the artisanal wizardry that results in these superior products. Only essential oils and natural extracts scent a Castle Forbes shaving cream; nothing artificial is used to prepare the fragrances designed by Ginny Forbes, wife of the 23rd Lord Forbes, Malcolm, Premier Lord of Scotland. Traditional masculine fragrances are done better by Castle Forbes, and the shaving creams are incredibly hydrating and produce the perfect slickness to help a sharp blade glide over the face. We were privileged to have representatives from Castle Forbes visit with us in Toronto in 2012, and were impressed with the integrity of their process and the superiority of their products.

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