Sul Filo Del Rasoio "Controfuoco" Razor Burn Repair Aftershave Balm by Proraso

Sul Filo Del Rasoio "Controfuoco" Razor Burn Repair Aftershave Balm by Proraso
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Brand: Proraso
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Sul Filo Del Rasoio Controfuoco Razor Burn Repair Balm by Proraso provides instant relief from razor burn. The lotion contains soothing herbal extracts (including aloe vera, grape seed oil, sunflower, oat kernel and coffee bean extract) to help refresh and tone your skin, and alcohol. Massage the lotion liberally after shaving, to the desired area for instant effects.

Weight: 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)
Made in Italy
UPC/EAN code: 8004395010172

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by mshan

Works as advertised. Excellent product for me, as I shave every day and prefer a close shave. For killing irritation from multiple passes and soothing irritation, it's exactly as described. Will definitely buy again.

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by Skylar Richardson

This is an awesome product, it helps deal with that irritation that does not go away after an alum block and regular after shave. i use this only if i need it, which tends to be a lot. it makes my razor burn and bumps start to fade immediately and they are usually gone in about a half hour or less. This is great to have around, although not always necessary.

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