Clubman Pinaud Colognes

Since 1810 the dapper gentleman on the Pinaud Clubman cologne bottle has invited other manly sorts to join him in the ultimate barbershop experience, whether in his native France or around the world. Clubman cologne is likely the scent that trailed you out the door with the red and white barber pole after your first professional straight razor shave or haircut. There is no mistaking these top men cologne products as anything but strong, masculine scents, perfect for the gift giver who wants to be sure when making the decision to buy cologne online that the scent will be undeniably male and unashamedly old school. The French school of male grooming decrees that a close shave is cooled down by a classic scent, spicy, floral, musky, citrus, or the mainstay bay rum. Pick one or enjoy them all, the jewel-like elixirs decorating your shaving shelf with real old-time shaving allure, endowed with a distinctive man’s man fragrance and the time proven ingredients to tone and soothe the skin after the daily dance with lather and blade. Visit our online traditional men’s shaving supply shop and look for the cologne Canada and her men cannot groom to perfection without using.

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