D.R Harris & Co Colognes

The legend began in 1790, when D.R. Harris & Company Chemists and Perfumers opened in the St. James area of London. Over the more than 200 intervening years indelible memories of the distinguished men who have worn the D.R. Harris fragrance range have been created. The scents you choose to wear are a powerful part of your persona, and the classic and refined range of D.R.Harris cologne and D.R Harris eau de toilette offerings reflect well upon the man of distinction. The fragrances in this collection are more vivid and concentrated than their counterpoints in the DR. Harris aftershave line, but they are never overpowering. The man wearing them enjoys a masculine scent that is long lasting yet subtle, with profiles that are complex balances of natural ingredients combined by master perfumers. Some of the men’s fragrances available to our Canadian and US customers reach back to the days of Queen Victoria while others are more modern. Holder of Royal Warrants from both Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, D.R. Harris is also sure to continue to earn the respect of men around the globe for its premium fragrances.

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