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Musgo Real Colognes

Vibrant and vigorous masculine scents that share the passion and pride of their Portuguese heritage with the gentlemen wearing them and those fortunate enough to be in close proximity, Musgo Real Colognes are the real deal for a man who takes fine grooming seriously and does not mind that all around are aware of his bias. Long lasting, these bold scent profiles are among the best mens cologne options for purchase; an application lasts throughout the day and into the night — no timid trace of perfume with this resolute range. Decanted into chunky, squared bottles immediately increasing the testosterone levels on your grooming shelf, Musgo Real Cologne is a member of the Claus Porto Family, a Portuguese soap maker since 1887, founded by two German gentlemen who lent their names, capital and artisanal spirit to a company that is now in its 13th decade as a grooming institution. Musgo Real appeared on the European scene as a spirited masculine line of fragrances and grooming items in the 1920s, and continues to prize innovation 100 years later, introducing new scents and products to suit modern tastes and fashions, but with a steadfast commitment to high quality ingredients and careful production methods.

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