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Geo F. Trumper Colognes

Geo F. Trumper colognes are the foundation of the London barbering institution opened on Curzon Street, Mayfair in 1875. Mr. George Trumper was a perfumer by trade and began his business by creating personalized fragrance profiles for the men of influence in London society. A gentleman could purchase the rights to his own fragrance, but once payment ceased George Trumper could and did share those bespoke scents with the world. Several of these fragrances are still available from our online men’s luxury grooming store, named after the men who inspired them — Astor, Marlborough and Wellington as examples. The Trumpers cologne range has been well received by the gentlemen of the royal family through the reigns of six British monarchs, holding the Royal Warrant for mens fragrances since the days of Queen Victoria. New fragrances are also frequently being developed by Trumper, options offering cologne Canada and its men can embrace, encouraging Fendrihan to carry both traditional and modern Trumper fragrances. Canada and North America may be an ocean away, but gentlemen of distinction on this continent can enjoy the Trumper experience with a simple click on the Fendrihan online order form; browse for your Geo F. Trumper’s colognes today.

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