The Gentlemens Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream

The Gentlemens Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream
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Brand: The Gentlemens Refinery
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Hand-made using nothing but natural ingredients, the Gentlemens Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream is one of the best products in its niche. Although its formula produces an astounding amount of lather that serves to lift the hairs up for an easier and smoother shave, that is not the limit of its beneficial properties. First, a combination of anise, basil, and bergamot lends it a light but lasting scent. Second, its ingredients contain neither irritating alcohol nor harmful parabens. Other benefits include fighting the aging of the skin, fighting microorganisms living on the skin, and protecting the skin from inflammation.

Combining the experiences of both a master barber and natural chemist, the Gentlemens Refinery was founded to produce men’s grooming products that furthered their ideals. According to these individuals, not only should grooming products help to make their users look good, but they should also promote their health in doing so. As a result, all products from the Gentlemens Refinery are made using the safest and most beneficial ingredients possible, without compromising their quality.

Weight: 5.3 oz. (150 ml)
Made in Canada
UPC/EAN code: 689076670746

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by Mac Grundy

I have several high-end soaps and creams. If I had to pick the only one for the rest of my life, it would be Black Ice, hands down.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Jeff Quinn

Great product. A little heavy on the anise scent compared to the other scents that are blended in for my taste. The shave from this is quite good, though for the price I prefer just getting Trumpers or Castle Forbes.

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by J.Kotarba

Just finished a jar of this cream, it was good. Scent was a little unusual, cool and refreshing, maybe not quite what I expected especially for a morning ritual, and probably would pass on this scent next time. I prefer the more traditional scents of DR Harris and the other British companies. It's really hard to beat the traditional excellent products which are true and tested over time. Lather was great, but no better than the best brits (DR, Taylor,Truefitt). Overall, probably on par with the classics. I see a little less value as a result of their pricing, this product is not cheap.

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by R. Tjerkstra

I received a sample of this in my last order. The most luxurious shaving cream I have ever used. It lathers up very thick and protects the face well. It gives you almost as close a shave as being in a sauna. The scent is not my favourite as it smells vaguely of Sambuca or anise, which is strictly a matter of preference, nothing to do with the quality of the item. An excellent product in any event.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

by alexander kohler

This stuff is great the smell is amazing , gentle on my sensitive skin just great.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)


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