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Hair pomade for men never goes out of style, and the look it creates for the modern gentleman is just as stylish today as it was when the dapper French Pinaud Clubman first slicked his hair back in Paris more than 100 years ago. Fendrihan stocks the green “gel coiffant” along with other famous hair pomade and hair gel for men from the past, like London barbering district’s classic Pashana Original Brilliantine. Also featured on our men’s grooming website are offerings from Geo F Trumper and an extensive range of other Pashana men’s hair pomade products rechristened with the Jack Dean name, a sleek, manly new look for for the Canadian and United States markets. Shelved in our online store next to the best hair pomade options are the new generation of men’s hair gel, taking styling possibilities to new heights — and spikes, waves and tousles. The best men’s hair gel selections, including modern takes on pomades, creams, stylers, fibre pastes and waxes, represent a new masculine chic, including Baxter of California, Billy Jealousy, eShave, men-u, and MiN New York. Whenever hair gels blaze new territory we will be there, securing the best for our esteemed customers.
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