D.R. Harris Freshening Cologne, 100 ml

D.R. Harris Freshening Cologne, 100 ml
Brand: D.R. Harris & Co.
Rating: 5 stars
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D. R. Harris Freshening Cologne is well named, sharing an invigorating fragrance profile that is extremely stimulating but also refined. With a bright lemony top note that lightens the scent and an rounded and complex citrus base of mellow and rounded bergamot, this inspiring splash excites the senses but exudes elegance as well. A time-honoured D. R. Harris offering from the Victorian age, it continues to delight the man who prefers a lively cologne.

The best of both worlds, D.R. Harris celebrates its long tradition of luxury men’s grooming products while also offering innovations and fresh looks and fragrances. Whether looking for a well-loved fragrance from yesteryear or gifting a young man with his first luxury shaving soap, let Fendrihan make the connection.

Weight: 3.5 oz (100 ml)
Made in England


by Robert Soly

This is my favourite of the DR Harris colognes, followed by Marlborough, Windsor, and Arlington.

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