Illinois Razor Strop Co. 127 Hanging Razor Strop

Illinois Razor Strop Co. 127 Hanging Razor Strop
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Brand: Illinois Strop Co.
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The 127 is a hanging straight razor strop with stitched leather handles, manufactured by the Illinois Razor Strop Co., Chicago. Two strops in one, the first is constructed of high-quality leather; the second has a finely woven linen surface. A removable brass-plated clamp and swivel joins the two strops. Keep your straight razor sharp with this barbershop gem.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 23" (6.5 x 58 cm)
Made in the USA

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by Matthew Nowak

My blade only come in contact with the strop at the toe and heel. This cost me a lot because sadly I noticed too late. I will look for another strop leather to replace, better quality.

Rating: 1 stars [1 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by T. Cholowski

Please note - this review is about the Illinois strop and is in no way a reflection of Fendrihan. I purchased this strop to add to my rotation. I have been shaving daily with a straight razor for about a year, and experimenting with different products. After reading several mixed reviews online, I decided to try an Illinois strop. I would not recommend this strop to anyone. It has no redeeming qualities - it is just junk. Where to begin? The hardware is flimsy for a hanging strop (the eyelet sprung open unexpectedly in use - just what you want when you have a straight razor in your hands! ). The linen backing has some sort of plasticizer impregnated in it.. it is so stiff it is un-usable! I tried to soften it up first by working it by hand, then washing it by hand, then machine washing, then pouring boiling water on it and working it, finally I took a brass wire brush to it...nothing worked. There seems to be some sort of coating on the fibres that just does not come off. Worst of all was the leather - the heart of the strop! My strop had a dent right across the middle from left to right..I tried messaging it out with a bottle and some Fromm strop is still there,(and the draw did not improve)..but all the fancy gold inlay nicely came right off along with most of the brown leather dye! The razor just skips right over it with all the grace of a Ferrari hitting a speedbump at 100 Mph. So now I'm out the money and the owner of a totally unusable item. Do yourself a favour, don't buy this one invest in something better.

Rating: 1 stars [1 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Justin Payne

I'm in love with this strop. The performance of it exceeds my paddle strops from Thiers Issard that cost twice as much! The linen is beautifully stiff, and the leather itself is wonderfully smooth but still gives you a respectable amount of draw with your blades. I would recommend this strop a thousand times over.

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