KIYA Ichogake Japanese Kamisori Straight Razor

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Of Japanese design and manufacture, the KIYA Ichogake Kamisori Straight Razor is instantly recognizable. It has a single cutting edge, just like straight razors from European manufacturers such as DOVO and Thiers Issard. But unlike these cut-throats, a Japanese straight razor is a single continuous piece of steel with a flat-headed blade. This implement is made using kigami, which is a superior carbon steel formulated for increased strength and sharpness retention. The handle of the kamisori has been bound using rattan for a firmer grip. Please keep in mind that sharpening and honing this kind of razor takes practice and involves a steep learning curve, even if you already own a European-type straight razor.

Being an old and respected manufacturer of kitchen knives, KIYA can boast of considerable experience concerning cutting implements made using steel. Although the modern business still specializes in the manufacture of kitchen knives, it has used this experience to launch unrelated products such as nail clippers and straight razors.

Characters on box read: High quality Japanese razor.

Made in Japan

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Q:are there any places locally in Ontario that have experience sharpening / honing these blades? Are they stropped the same as a regular straight razor?Ron(01/10/2015)

A:We do not know of any places in Ontario that would service these kind of razors. For how to maintain them, you could search for "how to strop kamisori" or "kamisori stropping".

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Q:typically, Kamisoris are sharpened only on one side. Is this sharpened on both sides as a typical straight razor, because on the back side (without the logo) it appears to be sharpened. can't tell clearly whether the front side with the logo is sharpened.Don(12/08/2014)

A:The razor is sharpened by the manufacturer in Japan, and to the best of our knowledge it is sharpened on only one side; the one without the logo.

A:No Don, this is a right handed grind for right handed people.

A:I own other kamisori's. The grind on this razor in the picture has a right handed grind. Worst case scenario, do some external research.

A:Thank you. That makes this a left handed version.

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Q:Is the razor pictured right or left handed?Bob(11/22/2013)

A:The razor is supposed to be used with either left or right hand.

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Q:Do you offer a "hone" service ? is this razor pre-honed and ready to go ? What would be the strop and whetstone best suited to this blade in your opinion ?? maxmax(11/03/2013)

A:1. The razor comes pre-sharpened from the factory. 2. Any good leather strop will do just fine. We recommend an Oozuku stone for sharpening. 3. Unfortunately, we do not offer honing as a service.

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Q:Is this razor shave ready?Drew(10/07/2013)

A:Yes, it comes pre-sharpened.

A:I agree. It is not shave ready. In fact, it is not even close to being shave ready.

A:Fendrihan says its shave ready, because they are told its shave ready from the manufacture. In reality, it's not, and after buying many many straight razors(from several vendors) they rarely are shave ready straight from the factory.

A:Hello, I just received this Kamisori today and I can verify it's not shave ready. Yes it's pre sharpened but not shave ready.

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Q:How is this sharpened? Have multiple Japanese H20 stones and a dozen high end straight razors. Have shaved x 43 years with straights. How can this razor add to experience?Robert Carter(07/17/2013)

A:It is sharpened the same way as a wedge or semi hollow straight razor. Using this kamisori is different than using a normal European straight razor. The blade is heavier, much less flexible and thicker. Moreover, this particular straight is non-folding, so holding the razor is different as well.

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by H Cotton

This Kamisori has been a pleasure to shave with from the day it came in the mail. I won't lie, I was intimidated by the blade and the way it was forged but as soon calmed my nerves and prepared my face like if I was going to use my straight razor, it was a dream to use. I would recommend this blade to anyone that wants to shave like a BADASS!. Fendrihan has not just offered a hardware it is also affordable. That's why I keep coming back to purchase!

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by Bruno Demers

I bought this razor about a year ago and I have used it only ounce. Maybe because I have tree other straight razors or maybe because I'm a bit afraid of it. When I got it I wanted to use it quickly and I didn't prepare my skin as I always do (with a few hot towels first). Also I think that the razor did not cut as well as it could because I did not honed it prior using it. The first pass I did, the razor jumped on my skin and gauged my face as it landed on my poor skin. I was bleeding a lot but I finished my shave anyway. I decided to hone it to make it more sharp, but it is still sitting on my work bench because I not to sure how to do it. The angles are not the same as my other straight razors, and I don't want to destroy the blade. Maybe I'll do a bit more research on youtube... This razor is for professionals and daredevils!!!

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