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Klar's Shaving Soap in Tin, Classic

Klar's Shaving Soap in Tin, Classic
Klar\'s Shaving Soap in Tin, ClassicKlar\'s Shaving Soap in Tin, ClassicKlar\'s Shaving Soap in Tin, ClassicKlar\'s Shaving Soap in Tin, Classic
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Brand: Klar Heidelberg
Rating: 5 stars
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Producing a wonderfully slick and creamy lather for a close and comfortable shave, Klar's Classic Shaving Soap is formulated from plant extracts without irritating additives or artificial colors. Rich and concentrated, a little of this premium shaving cream goes a long way, allowing for many high quality shaves from each elegant blue and silver tin. After the lather has done its job, a subtle spicy, leathery scent lingers, a manly way to start your day.

Created by masters from treasured recipes that reach back 170 years to their founder, shaving and hair and body soaps from Klar Seifen contain natural plant-based extracts and herbal and fruit essences, not harsh chemicals. Nourishing the hair and skin with olive oil, wheat protein or lanolin, Canadian connoisseurs who rely on Klar as their go-to grooming aids avoid the allergens and irritants of artificial colors and preservatives in their daily grooming routines.

Weight: 3.9 oz (110 g)
Made in Germany
UPC/EAN code: 4260262350213


by Duncan Robbie

Klar's is a nice soap, lathers well, scent not over powering, but I think it is over priced.

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by Nick

Great soap that lathers well with a unique, terrific, masculine scent that lingers for hours. I'm a big Trumpers fan and was curious about Klar's. Definitely glad I tried it out. The tin is a nice touch, good for travel. Part of my regular rotation.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Beau Young

This is a wonderful soap. Great scent, to me it smells a bit herbal and leathery. I have yet to find a soap that equals the profuse, thick and luxurious lather you get with this soap, and the nice thing is that it seems less technique-sensitive than many other soaps to get the great lather out of it. It is certainly pricey but based on my use so far I think this tin will go a long way and last many months. My wife can't believe how soft and smooth my face is after shaving with this stuff - you are truly in for a treat with this soap! My only (very minor) complaint is the tin container it comes in - seems a bit cheap compared to the wooden bowls you often get with other high end soaps at this price point.

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by Robert Soly

Beautiful presentation, wonderful scent. Thick creamy lather and a very effective, comfortable shave.

Rating: 5 stars [5 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Mark Hillar

I have a family connection to Heidelberg, so I couldn't resist trying some Klar products. I got this soap as well as the Riesling body soap, and I can tell you they won't be my last Klar purchases. This soap is easy to work into a nice dense and slick lather. I have had some incredibly close shaves even though I skipped my customary pre shave gel. The smell is very nice, kind of leathery, not overpowering in any way. The aluminum container has a threaded lid, so it is perfect to throw into your luggage for travel. This soap is not cheap, but since a couple of weeks haven't put a dent in it I am sure it will last for months. I haven't tried a lot of other premium soaps, but since I have nothing but good things to say about this I have give it five stars. And the Klar polar bear logo is just so cute!

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