Bolin Webb Razors

Begin every day with a double edge razor that can be used with confidence and also provides a close soothing shave. For those that seek a safety razor that has a convenient to hold ergonomic design, and that has a fine balance to match, then the quality shaving razors found in out selection of Bolin Webb would be the perfect match. The two choices available include the Bolin Webb R1 series which is perfectly adaptable for disposable Gillette Mach 3 blades, and the Bolin Webb X1 series which is perfect for Gillette Fusion blades. These safety razors combine the perfect union of both function and fashion as they have neatly sculptured designs and are engineered and manufactured to provide a comfortable and easy shave. The specially designed handles have been treated with a unique bacteria resistant elastomer which not only provides the user with hygienic qualities but also provides a secure grip so the razor doesn’t slip awkwardly when using with wet or soapy hands. The razors also come in a variety of fun and classy colours such as alpine, argent, graphite, jet, blue, yellow, red, orange, Argent black or red, and Nero Black to suit every taste and style.

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