Joris Safety Razors

A special division of Plisson, we are pleased to offer a handsome range of Joris double edge safety razor models to the discerning Canadian and U.S. wet shaving community. Plisson Joris razor options here at Fendrihan are the height of shaving luxury, beautiful combinations of precious metals, genuine horn and exotic polished woods making each of the double edge safety razors in this collection breathtakingly handsome. Plisson of France has been making shaving accessories for more than two centuries, and its commitment to the art and function of men’s grooming is illustrated clearly in the Joris safety razor offerings on our web site. Elevate your shaving experience and the look of your shaving area instantly with one of these exquisite razors, and consider mixing or matching them with a Plisson brush for a well-coordinated set. Shaving forums discuss the aggressiveness of the Joris safety razors; this ability to handle a heavy beard may be exactly what you are seeking. Purchase one of our blade samplers to try out different edges with your new Joris to fine tune its shaving approach so that your are certain to get a close and comfortable shave from your razor each and every time.

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