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Shaving Safety Razors - Muhle

Founded in Stützengrün, Germany in 1945, the crafters of Muhle safety razors walk a narrow path, following both in the footsteps of razor making artisans who preceded them and and also breaking a new trail as they embrace modern technological advances improving the shaving experience. That they have found and nurtured this equilibrium is evident in the handsome Muhle safety razor range we offer to our valued Canadian customers. The traditional profile of a Muhle double edge razor is likely to bring back memories of the men who were your inspiration for safety razor shaving, the straight handles etched with various designs for a non-slip grip. Many of the models in the collection feature a tooth comb head, again a classic option that is particularly effective for heavy, coarse beards. The Muhle R41 is often mentioned in shaving forums as an aggressive razor that handles the thickest whiskers extremely well in the hands of an experienced wet shaver, requiring fewer passes for an extremely close shave. When considering whether to buy a safety razor that is capable of improving both your shave and your technique, a Muhle double edge razor may be the next step. Find yours online at Fendrihan.

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