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At Fendrihan we are passionate about the practice of wet shaving and are eager to invite all interested in this manly art to join the brotherhood with a wide range of safety razors for men. This boutique within our larger online specialty shaving store is where to buy safety razors from an array of manufacturers, a number under our own brand and some from names famous for other shaving tools and products. If you are thinking about purchasing a Feather, safety razors crafted by that famous Japanese blade master are here for you to try at a couple of price points. iKon safety razors and a bulldog handle also are available, handcrafted from 100 percent stainless steel and made for the serious shaver, whether a determined novice or an interested expert. Colonel Conk, Bluebeards Revenge, Baxter of California and Goodfella safety razors all find a home here; if you are intrigued by the colorful names or already enjoy a brand’s other offerings, give a try to one of these safety razors. Canada is our home and we are so pleased to be able to offer these quality razors to our countrymen, and to wet shavers in the neighboring United States.
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