Parker Safety Razors

Parker safety razors have been produced since 1973 by the Grover family. Committed to designing and crafting high quality shaving products at reasonable prices, the Parker safety razor range has something for every traditional DE devotee. When considering the mechanics of operating men’s safety razors, many shavers prefer the Parker butterfly safety razor system, appreciating that just a twist of the handle opens the head, permitting a very simple and straightforward method of changing blades. The Parker 82R offers the butterfly razor head without any compromise to quality as a shave with this razor has received great reviews on several shaving forums. A three piece blade changing system is also available from Parker Razor, the Parker 89R and Parker 91R featuring a shaving head that is virtually indistinguishable from the Merkur HD, a perennial best seller. Parker also offers genuine horn handles on various razors, including a very attractive Mach 3 multiple edge, and meets the needs of consumers who prefer a heavier handle with its Hefty. The range includes some longer handled models demanded by some shavers. Convenience, affordability, and a wide array of practical options make choosing from the Parker double edge safety razor collection a smart decision.

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