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Shaving Safety Razors - Weishi

A Weishi safety razor is an affordable gateway into the world of DE shaving, a great gift for the man who is considering the leap. With a classic twist to open butterfly closure, any of the Weishi double edge safety razor models are simple to reload with your favorite double edged blades, putting you back in the business of wet shaving in no time. These razors have heft, heavier by several ounces than comparable Merkurs, allowing the head to glide across the face with little pressure, ideal for the beginning shaver. A very mild razor, confirmed by dozens of reviews in major shaving forums, this fleet of reasonably priced safety razors is very forgiving, the cant, or angle, of the shaving head adjusted in such a way that, combined with the straight guard held against the face, the blade’s edge is well-protected and shears the whiskers without a serious risk of nicks and cuts. The handles and heads range from shiny and matte chrome through gunmetal and a glittering gold plate. All have textured handles, helping even a novice grip with ease, streamlining your morning shave. Pair a Weishi classic safety razor with a blade sampler to customize the shave.

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