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Straight Razor Kits

For some men, shaving must be done with a straight razor, and a straight razor shaving kit from Fendrihan can make that commitment an organized experience every day. Whether for the straight shaving pro or for the straight shaving initiate, a thoroughly thought out straight razor shaving gift set will be much appreciated. Thiers Issard, the French straight razor icon, has gathered together a complete straight blade razor kit in white or black, with everything from a pre sharpened Special Hollow Ground 5/8” rounded point razor to the strop and sharpening paste to hold its edge to the shaving bowl, soap and brush with which to make the lubricating lather that will allow the blade to do its gliding dance across the face. An alum block for the occasional nick and to close the pores post-shave and a organizational case completes the picture. A pair of Thiers Issard straight razor set options for travel also invite notice, a case and compact strop accompany a fine singing razor in each. Fendrihan’s own “Blades of Glory” straight edge razor kit is an attractive option, a Thiers Issard singing razor matched to a complete honing and sharpening collection for your shaving pleasure.

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