Shapton Glass Sharpening Stone, 30000 Grit

Shapton Glass Sharpening Stone, 30000 Grit
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Brand: Shapton
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Shapton sharpening stones combine extremely fast cutting action with low maintenance. The Shapton line of glass water-stones has been carefully manufactured to achieve the highest levels of performance and durability. They may appear thin at first glance but they will outlast most other stones that are three times the thickness. These abrasives are extremely uniform. Consistency is the primary goal for Shapton's engineers. The abrasive that you encounter with the first pass will be the same on the 5,000th pass. And this will be true for every abrasive size.
As with every water-stone, Shapton glass stones require lapping (flattening) to maintain the sharpening surface in proper shape.
They do not need to be soaked in water; simply splash some on and start sharpening.
As with all water hones Shapton water-stones do wear concave with use and require periodic re-flattening.

30000 grit / 0.49 micron - Highly recommended for polishing the edge to perfection.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 8.25" (210 mm x 70 mm)
Made in Japan
UPC/EAN code: 4944509504033

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by Keith Hamill

Tried this out last night and shaved right off the stone (no linen or leather stropping) this morning. Absolutely awesome stone for straight razors. Incredibly sharp smooth shave. No need to Crox after this puppy. Stunning mirror finish with virtually no scratch pattern. The great thing about these Shaptons is that they are "splash & go" from the lowest (500 grit) right up to this 30,000 grit. And fast too. The white colour of the stone makes it easy to see the grey swarf of metal being removed from the edge of the razor. Although this 30k stone is probably overkill for most, it is indeed the "Ni Plus Ultra" of sharpening stones for anyone seeking the ultimate in a final polisher.

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