Muhle Shaving Brushes

Pairing two seemingly different approaches means a Muhle shaving brush may be crafted of finest silvertip badger hair or, in a surprising twist, may be crafted of an extraordinary Muhle-developed fibre, bringing an entirely new material into the world of premium shaving brushes. Since 1945, the handsome badger brushes created by this Stützengrün firm have combined the absorbency and backbone of natural silvertip with extraordinary handles made from a variety of exotic woods and glossy lacquered materials, making each brush a work of art. The Muhle synthetic shaving brush offers an intriguing option to new or experienced wet shavers, the resin handle surrounding a knot of fibre that uses less soap or cream for lathering, dries more quickly, can be sanitized and is vegan, in the bargain. Fendrihan carries both alternatives in the Muhle section of its online store, allowing the men of Canada to select one, the other or both.

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