Omega Shaving Brushes

Italian made, an Omega shaving brush offers high quality at a reasonable price. This collection features several Omega boar brush options, offering a sturdy backbone to men who prefer a more aggressive feel in their shaving brushes, performing well for heavy beards and providing excellent exfoliation. The company also produces traditional silvertip badger brushes and convenient brush and holder sets, with a bonus container of shaving cream. Synthetic shaving brushes are also available from this forward looking firm, giving men who may prefer not to use animal products in their daily grooming an option. The fibre brushes by Omega are soft but strong, and are very adept at creating drifts of lubricating lather with very little effort or shaving soap or cream. An additional plus of synthetic brushes is the possibility of thoroughly sanitizing them as the fibres are not as delicate as the badger they mimic and dry out much more quickly between uses. Fendrihan is pleased to make these alternatives available to Canadian shavers looking for more choices in their shaving tools.

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