Plisson Shaving Brushes

When searching for a truly exceptional gift or a well deserved and indulgent purchase for yourself, luxury Plisson brushes are in a class of their own. Handcrafted in France, where badger shaving brushes were first made in the 1700s, Joris and Plisson brushes are renowned for their quality materials, including handsome handles made of precious and exotic woods, gleaming metals, horn and fine resins. Well balanced and beautiful to view, these brushes transform a bathroom into a shaving salon. The grades of badger hair used in these premium brushes range through and beyond the pure and silvertip usually considered the top quality, to European white, a special grade know for superior tensile strength. The centuries of expertise brought to the task by the artisans in Plerin, France, really make a difference in the workmanship and high-end function of these brushes, ensuring a lifelong commitment between the wet-shaving aficionado and his shaving brush. Browse the offerings here at Fendrihan to find the perfect Plisson shaving brush to add to your collection or to impress that certain special Canadian man who thought he had everything, until he opened the box.

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