Semogue Shaving Brushes

Each Semogue shaving brush is handmade in Portugal, representing the dedication and commitment found only in a family owned concern, focused at all times upon bringing forward the finest brushes to wet shavers. Made in the same factory first opened in 1954 and still in operation to this day, for years these brushes were well kept secrets of a select group of shaving connoisseurs, but now are available in Canada and around the world for discerning gentlemen everywhere.The Semogue brush is known for unique and handsome handles, made sometimes from exotic woods, sometimes from polished metals, sometimes from colored resins and sometimes from clear acrylic, often with a secondary color as contrast. A metal ring safeguarding the hairs as they emerge from the handle is a company trademark, as is the generous quantity of premium boar or luxurious badger hair comprising the knot. Choose from silky soft badger or the stiffer boar options offered depending on preference, or collect one or more of each for the different feel that may be desired by a shaver at specific times. Count on Fendrihan to source both popular and specialized options in shaving brushes to meet all lathering and shaving needs.

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