Vie Long Shaving Brushes

Welcome to the world of Vie Long shaving brushes, made with pride since 1940 in Valencia, Spain. A family concern, today’s brushes are made under the direction of the founder’s grandson, continuing over 70 years of hand finished, quality brushes. Handsome badger, boar and horsehair brushes sport graceful and thoughtfully designed handles. Choose your favorite handle from wooden, acrylic or natural horn, all shaped to balance well in the hand, some with interesting dual tones or intriguing metal accents. A Vie Long shaving brush combines the best of modern technology with traditional artisan-driven brush making techniques, creating a wet shaving tool a gentleman will rely upon for years. The range offers several horse hair models, a nice compromise between the silkiness of badger and the stiffness of boar, absorbing water quite well but giving the shaver lots of backbone when lathering the face, great for exfoliation. Horsehair is a sustainable brush material, appealing to those who prefer a product made of hair collected while doing daily grooming of Valencian horses, both manes and tails, permitting a continual harvest of the hair without harming the animal. Find Vie Long brushes in Canada at Fendrihan, the online source for traditional shaving products.

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