eShave Shaving Creams

Revolutionizing the men’s grooming scene since the mid 1990s, eShave shaving cream offers the wet shaver a new approach to men’s grooming. Along the way the intrepid company has picked up quite a few awards, including Men's Health Magazine Grooming Awards 2010 for eShave Verbena Lime Cream. eShave took on the challenge of energizing the wet shaving movement at a time when men’s grooming products were heading another direction, with “innovative” gels and foams and disposable or cartridge razors becoming the default way to shave. Recognizing that a new generation would need new incentives, eShave reimagined traditional shaving with different formulations and fresh scents that took men’s grooming beyond the tired norm. Products also were designed to do more with less, and that, combined with an already reasonable price point, means eShave’s shaving creams offer luxury at a bargain price. The intriguing scent combinations take traditional men’s fragrances into the future with a holistic twist, aromatherapy that calms, soothes or reinvigorates while shaving. High quality ingredients that will not inflame or irritate skin make eShave an appropriate shaving cream for sensitive skin, a nice change for men who used to seek the unscented to avoid a painful, dangerous allergic reaction.

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