The Gentlemens Refinery Shaving Creams

Partner the talent and skills of a master barber with the knowledge and drive of a trained chemist and it is not surprising that some of the best shave cream for men results. The creator of these thoughtful shaving products, Perry Gastis, is not content merely to provide a comfortable and effective shave, he also formulates the shaving creams with only natural ingredients that heal and improve the skin during and after the shave. Chosen for their specific propensity to provide antimicrobial and antiinflammatory actions, the botanicals comprising the scent profiles of the Gentlemens Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream and The Standard Shave Cream are multitasking enhancements for the shaver’s benefit. Smelling wonderful and enjoying thoroughly healthy skin post-shave are a powerful dual benefit of these creams. For the man who prefers or requires no scent, the Gentlemens Refinery Unscented Shave Cream delivers the same extremely smooth and slick lather without added fragrance, in deference to his skin sensitivity or a desire to let his own manly aura predominate. Take the opportunity to refine your daily shave by selecting one of these offerings, secure in the knowledge you have both a barber’s style and a chemist’s resourcefulness on your side.

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