Italian Shaving Creams

You may have heard rumours about the manly scents and tradition of Italian shaving cream, so we invite you to browse the Italian range of brands and scents we have collected for the men of Canada. Proraso Italian shaving cream is well known with good reason—its intensely fresh menthol and eucalyptus original scent wakes up all the senses, while the glycerin rich cream locks in moisture during and after the shave. Mix it up a bit with the other Proraso shave cream fragrances we carry, or consider Prep Italian shaving cream, a naturally based pre and post shave staple in Italy, containing botanicals and spices that tone and heal—a shaving cream that is used in many Italian households as a soothing ointment for the entire family. Prepare for some shaving memories when you consider the Palmolive options, now made in Italy. A North American staple for decades, the brand has been revitalized in Italy, where men know what it takes to provide a close and comfortable shave for all types of beards. Ultimately only you can choose the best Italian shaving cream, and with the affordable price points on this page, indulging in more than one is a distinct possibility.

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