Musgo Real Shaving Creams

Expand your shaving collection to include Musgo Real shaving cream, a Portuguese offering from Claus Porto, sharing enticing scents and a wonderful way of softening and moisturizing the skin. Lanolin and glycerin are the duo that creates the intense hydration and lubricating lather; only natural ingredients are used in this men’s shaving cream. Arriving on the shaving scene in 1920, the Musgo Real shaving products and scents took the Roaring Twenties by storm, and continue to delight to this day, combining careful attention to handmade traditions with modern technologies that enhance but never diminish the experience. Musgo Real Classic shaving cream is stirred in open kettles for three days to achieve the amazingly creamy texture that is its hallmark, and the other scents are coddled in the same way to make the best shaving cream to pamper you. Intriguing scents are available—Musgo Oak Moss shaving cream is green and woodsy while Musgo Real Orange shaving cream is zesty with a burst of orange underlaid with exotic amber. Other scents include Lavender, Lime Basil and Spiced Citrus, and since this company does not let its longevity interfere with its innovative spirit, return often to investigate what new fragrances may be available.

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