Col. Ichabond Conk Shaving Soaps

Named for a U.S. Civil War era gentleman who, legend holds, followed his fearless wife into the barbering business in Albuquerque New Mexico, intrepid wet shaving fans brought Col. Ichabod Conk shaving soap back onto the shaving manscape in the 1980s, and the rest is history. As did the infamous Col. Conk, this playful company has as its inspiration the zeal to sell quality shaving items to men. Any of the Colonel Conk shave soap solid discs provide a long lasting opportunity to enjoy a manly scented, moisturizing shave. Traditional fragrances of almond, bay rum, lime and amber round out the range, straightforward, masculine scents your father and your father’s father would have recognized—a truly old fashioned shave. Natural ingredients like glycerin, avocado oil and vitamin E give these soaps their conditioning and hydrating power, and when used with your favorite shaving brush they whip into a wonderfully smooth and slick lather, helping the razor to glide just like it did for the Colonel and his lady when they shaved the adventurers in the Wild West a century and a half ago. Fendrihan is where to buy Col. Conk shaving soap online so you too can enjoy the tradition.

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