Geo F. Trumper Shaving Soaps

The quintessence of the London barbering district’s shaving soap for men, Trumper shaving soap has gathered the world’s renown since 1875 with good reason. Exquisitely fragranced with natural ingredients, the single scents take you right to the source. The Rose takes you to the English cottage bower while the Limes takes you to that tropical grove in the Keys. Violet is evocative of a sunny summer meadow, and Sandalwood and Eucris are more complex and strongly masculine. Coconut and Almond exude richness and nuttiness, leaving you smelling simply delicious. Glycerine based for a smooth feel and excellent skin hydration, Geo Trumper shaving soaps whip into a thick and creamy lather with your brush, and are a stunning addition to your shaving shelves in their handsome wooden bowls. Because of their concentration, some shaving forums recommend adding a bit more water than you might usually to get the slickness and lubrication you look forward to when gliding the razor across your cheek. Replacement pucks are available to keep the wonderfully scented shaving going far into the future. For yourself or for a special gift, Geo F. Trumper shaving soaps hit all the right notes, fragrance and function flowing in perfect harmony.

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