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Leather Key Holders For Men

There are two types of men in the world. Those who make do with novelty key rings or the advertising fob from the service station to keep their keys collected, an approach unfortunately prone to loss in the depths of a jacket pocket or disintegration when the inferior materials splinter. Then there is the man of distinction who realizes his choice of key holders says quite a lot about him and how he cares for his possessions. We know which gentleman is perusing this page, and Fendrihan of Canada is pleased to offer you a wide range of leather key holders in keeping with your impeccable taste and excellent sense of how to safeguard your home, office and vehicle. Just because these items are utilitarian does not mean they cannot be handsome and refined, and our European artisans really outdid themselves with clever designs and gorgeous leather stylings. Whether you need a straightforward fob to safeguard a key or two or a maintenance system to organize a stable of different keys, we have the answer, and in a veritable rainbow of leather hues and finishes. These little gems also make fabulous gifts for dad, the grad and the groomsmen.
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