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Shaving Soaps - Klar Heidelberg

A forward looking company with roots five generations deep into the making of the highest quality soap products, Klar Heidelberg's luxury shaving soaps are a fine addition to any gentleman’s shaving collection. This is handmade shaving soap you will return to morning after morning including Klar's Kabinett Shaving Soap, a classic rose fragranced formulation that has delighted decades of men and those close to them. Made with plant extracts beneficial to the skin, the entire range is sustainable, easy on a man’s skin and on the environment. New directions in scent and audience result in fresh, modern fragrances and a woman’s shaving soap that has proved to be extremely popular. From the leathery and spicy aura of the original scent to the sprightly sport scent recently added, these Klar Heidelberg shaving soap offerings leave a fragrance without irritation, a real boon to those who have sensitive skin. No unnecessary additives are included, keeping everyone’s skin clear and soft. With their distinctive blue and white tins, the Klar soaps can be easily lathered right in the container, easing its application. Among today’s men’s shaving soap none cares as effectively for both the health and the grooming of gentlemen than Klar.

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