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Shaving Soaps - Ogallala

Bay rum done with distinction, Ogalla shaving soap takes the traditional men’s favorite and infuses it with a whole new energy and a cushioning and lubricating face feel. Superior lathering is reported in Ogallala shaving soap reviews on the forums, with many reporting that the variety of specialized scents are also extremely well received. Available as a solid puck or a shaving stick, the soaps all have a fragrance based on bay rum, with a straightforward original joined by alternatives that boast notes of sweet orange, sage and cedar, lemongrass, sandalwood or limes and peppercorns. Good staying power is reported for the scents, but they are not overly assertive, blending well with your chosen aftershave or cologne. Have a little fun with this North American brand; Ogallala, Nebraska was the end of many a cowboy’s cattle drive, and the nostalgic scent of a genuine bay rum brings back memories of the busy barber shops opening their doors to trail worn drovers who left looking clean and daper after a bath, haircut and cut throat razor shave completed with a liberal splash of the barber’s bay rum. Recreate a little of the Wild West with Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap.

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