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Dovo Solingen Straight Razors

Since 1906, the name Dovo and best quality have been linked in the Solingen region of Germany. Blade making traditions go back centuries in this area, and the Dovo company has spent more than 100 years continuing to build the tradition. Today’s Dovo straight razors exceed the extremely high standards required to be rated as Solingen quality, a governmentally regulated benchmark to ensure only the most superior products carry the stamp. Be assured that a Dovo straight razor is without any doubt a premium shaving instrument, capable of providing shaving performance that will last your lifetime before it becomes a treasured heirloom. Whether you are searching for a particular razor, such as the Dovo Bismarck, or are interested in comparing Dovo straight razors with other high-end cut throat razors, take all the time you need to read the descriptions of these extraordinary blades to make the right choice for your shaving pleasure. A straight razor blade from Dovo is as handsome as it is superior in quality, handles ranging from artful resins that recreate vintage looks, to genuine horn and exotic polished woods. Rely upon Fendrihan to carry the finest Dovos for the men of Canada, who expect nothing less.

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