Feather No-Sharpen Straight Razors

Less is most more with a Feather straight razors, offering a superior straight razor shaving experience without the expense and the stress of honing and sharpening. Feather straight razors combine a well-designed handle and blade holder with the ability to switch to a brand new edge in seconds with their single-edged blade replacements. After all, the best straight razor is one a gentleman will use daily, and a straight razor from Feather makes that daily shave extremely straightforward by eliminating the learning curve for and the process of maintaining a straight edge. The Feather heart of operations is at the center of the long established blade manufacturing area of Japan, the “City of Cutlery,” Seki City. Not surprisingly, this region was also the home of the famous Samurai swords of old, and Feather took up this tradition with its founding in 1932. Straight edge razors from Feather are spare and beautifully functional, appealing in their simplicity and efficiency. Choose your Feather from the range here online at Fendrihan, razors in a rainbow of handle colors and a selection of single-edge blades to keep your Feather gliding freely during every shave. Also, check out our Feather double-edge razor options.

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