Shavette Type Razors

An ideal first step in a journey toward straight razor shaving, a shavette razor offers a feel for the straight blade experience without the commitment to an expensive cut throat razor. Because they use reasonably priced double edge blades snapped in half to cut the whiskers, sharpening a shavette blade is not necessary. Many of the shavette straight razor models carried by Fendrihan are crafted by Dovo, a world leader in straight razor technology, inspiring confidence in this alternative razor type when used by our Canadian customers. A convenient and flexible option even for experienced straight razor users, these shaving tools are easily packed in a dopp kit or kept as a last-minute grooming tool at the office or at the gym. Accessories like the long handled holder help the shavette perform more like a traditional straight razor, a good learning tool for a novice or an enhancement for masters of single edged shaving. Shavette razor blades can also use a serrated holder to help accomplish more complicated shaping tasks. Consider buying one of Fendrihan’s stock of shavettes to sample the straight razor method, an opportunity we are pleased to offer to our clientele in Canada and the United States.
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