Wapienica Straight Razors

Take the opportunity to purchase one of these very special and definitely limited edition Wapienica straight razors from the stock Fendrihan has acquired. Wapienica, Wapi for short, blades can qualify as antique, some having been crafted in the 1970s in Poland. Their original destination was Russia for hospital use, but caches of unused blades have been sold over the years, with the supply we have featuring a beautiful ornamental spine. The grind on the blades is not a full hollow or a classic wedge, having the characteristics of both. A Wapienica straight razor has an all steel construction, allowing for ease in sterilization. They are also well known on shaving forums for a “wickedly” sharp edge once honed and sharpened, and a tendency to hold the edge well for long time periods. These razors are no longer manufactured, so if you are interested in adding one to your collection the time is now. Because your Wapi may have been stored for decades, minor blemishes are possible, but the quality of these blades remains high. Many men feel strongly Wapi is their best shaving razor. Seize the final chance to see if Wapi moves to the head of your razor rotation.
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Wapienica with Decorated Spine, Wapi Straight Razor, Ebony Wood Scales

Wapienica with Decorated Spine, Wapi Straight Razor, Ebony Wood Scales



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