Belgian Coticule Sharpening Stones

From those who wet-shave with a straight razor, some men prefer a Belgian coticule hone. Our selection contains the best quality coticule hones which are quarried in Belgium. These sharpening stones are all natural stones and they are harder than artificial honing stones that are available elsewhere. The stones are non-porous and slurry stones. The non-porous stones do not have pores and won’t clog and don’t necessarily require soaking. The slurry stones can be used dry or wet with a slurry. Without slurry the coarse honing stones may be around 8,000 grit but it reduces to 6,000 grit when a slurry is applied. The stones come as blue or yellow stones, or a two-sided combo of blue and yellow. The blue stones are for coarse honing while the yellow stones are for fine honing. You have a variety sizes ranging from the smallest which is 5” x 1,5” to stones as large as 8” x 3” in size. The grit may vary as well. The actual stone you receive may differ somewhat from the illustrated photo. It is suggested you maintain a rounded edge at the ends of the stones which can be achieved with either a lapping stone or sand paper.

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