Shapton Glass Sharpening Stones

Shapton sharpening stones are a favourite for those who are a looking for a variety of different grits for any edge which they need to sharpen, ranging from your shears, kitchen knives and especially for your trusty straight razor favoured by wet shavers. Shapton glass stones are made with specialized technological processes and are manufactured in Japan. These stones are made with high carbon water-stones. They are deceptively thin in appearance but they last far longer than other comparable products which are three times thicker. The grit ranges from anything as low as 500 grit to as high as 30,000 grit, with broad selection of grit choices in between so you can perform any type of honing you want, including very dull edges which require very rough honing, to finely polishing the edges and surfaces of your blade so they are brightly polished. These stones do not require a pre-soaking as all you have to do is give them a quick rinse before use. They will form a concave shape so from time to time you will have to perform some lapping (flattening) to keep them level. Shapton sharpening stones are ideal for multiple sharpening and honing purposes from tools to razors.

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