Thiers Issard Le Canadien Singing Straight Razor 5/8", Snakewood Handle

Thiers Issard Le Canadien Singing Straight Razor 5/8", Snakewood Handle
Thiers Issard Le Canadien Singing Straight Razor 5/8\", Snakewood Handle
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Brand: Thiers Issard
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Le Canadien collection is Thiers Issard's range of straight razors produced specifically for the Canadian market. The Full Hollow Ground Singing blade on this 5/8" straight razor, forged from the modern Carbonsong 135 steel, is polished to a mirror finish on both sides and adorned with "Le Canadien" mark in 24k gold.

Scales are made of genuine Snakewood. A precious wood sourced from Central and South America, it is appreciated for its rich, reddish brown color and captivating pattern. Each razor comes in a protective brown baragnia leather case a $20 value.

Thiers Issard is one of the world's most distinguished manufacturers of straight razors. A family company established in 1884 by Pierre Thiers, it is also a preeminent producer of fine cutlery.

5/8" Round-point.
Full hollow ground singing blade.
TI Carbonsong C135 Steel.
Pre-Sharpened by Thiers Issard.
Leather carrying case included.

Handmade in Thiers, France.

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