Weishi Gunmetal Finish Classic Double-Edge Razor

Weishi Gunmetal Finish Classic Double-Edge Razor
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Brand: Weishi
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The Weishi Black Gunmetal Classic Double-Edge Razor is a mild shaver, highly recommended for new wet-shaving enthusiasts. It has a straight guard for a close shave with less irritation. Beautiful, mirror-smooth gunmetal glossy finish. Very nice feel and heft. It weights 62 grams, which is 10 grams more that the regular Merkur Classic safety razor.

The Weishi Black Gunmetal Classic Double-Edge Razor uses any modern double-edge blade. Many of our customers have found that purchasing a razor blade sampler with their first DE razor offers them the opportunity to find the suitable blade for their skin type, style of shaving and razor type, before making a purchase of a large quantity of blades.

New In Box. One year warranty.
Weight: 2.3 oz (68 g)
Length: 3 1/4" (8.5 cm)

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Q:Will this razor rest properly on the acrylic stand?Greg(09/18/2013)

A:Yes, they will fit on the Joris Acrylic Stand for Razor (PL-J360C)

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by C Parkes

Being new to DE shaving i ordered the Weishi Black Gunmetal Classic Double-Edge Razor and a sample pack of blades that contained the Erbe Solingen Fresh Tradition Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades among others. I have found the Weishi and the Fresh Tradition blades to be the perfect combination for me giving me a consistently close shave with no irritation or nicks. I have also been unable to actually cut myself with the Weishi even with Feather blades and my bad technique to begin with, however i did get a few nicks and more irritation with the Feathers. Why did i not try DE shaving 25 years ago? It's safe to say i will never be using a cartridge razor or electric shaver again! I now actually enjoy shaving, it is no longer a chore! Highly recommended for those new to DE shaving.

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by Johnny Choy

The highest quality Chinese made razor money can buy. Its a very mild razor compared to my primary razor (Merkur 34C HD) but its weight is similar to it. As a long time DE shaver, I will regulate the Weishi as my travel razor. Since its a very mild razor and the margin for error for getting cut from it is large, it would be a great razor for beginners weaning from their multi blade cartridge razor.

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by AL

It's a nice comfortable razor, with a great non-slip handle, but the shave really is non-aggressive - for me it was not close enough.

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by Larry Darrell

This was the first DE I tried and the one I learned the basic techniques of DE shaving with. I've moved on to Jagger, Fatip and classic Gillettes (once the bug bites...) but this is still my travel razor. If anything happened to it, I'd buy another Weishi without hesitation. The quality for the price is hard to beat.

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by Coppertop

For starters Fendrihan had shipped my order to me within two days so very impressed with that The razor it self is as previously reviewed being not an overly aggressive shave so perfect as a starter for anyone getting into safety razors and needing to work on technique and it won't break the bank, it is at a very fair price You will likely have to try a few different Razor Blades before you find on that works for you but when you do you will get a good shave with way less irritation than disposables (The neck was always a bad spot for me which is why I made the change)

Rating: 4 stars [4 of 5 Stars]    Was this review helpful to you? Yes No   

by Raffaele Celio

I bought this one because of the finish - gun metal. It's a really nice looking piece that also delivers a great shave.

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I bought this razor for my entry in the world of wet shaving. The razor feels good in my hand with just enough weight. Smooth glide and along with the Astra Double-Edge Safety Razor Blades have given my closest shave I've ever had!!! Price point is terrific. Will never go back to disposable.

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