Why wet-shaving

A Better Shave

A lot of us discovered wet-shaving while looking for a way to deal with a tough and troublesome beard. Classic shaving is not about being snobbish, and certainly not a trend or fashion. It is a tradition that has outlasted fads, “revolutionary” solutions and any amount of blades held atop plastic contraptions. Traditional wet-shaving is simply about a better shave with less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs. An old-style double-edge razor or straight razor won’t pull the hairs and cut them below the level of the skin as is the case with multi-blade cartridges, therefore taking better care of your skin and your beard. Also, with an old-style safety razor you have the luxury of choosing the sharpness of the razor blade; so you can find the one that fits you best. With the cut-throat razors you can also sharpen the blade to your liking. So it all comes down to control, comfort and noticeably better results.

The Shaving Ritual

Traditional shaving began losing its appeal the moment it started being treated in a “fast food” sort of fashion. Companies that sell convenience do so by treating the shave as something unpleasant that needs to be dealt with quickly. It doesn’t need to be so, and there’s nothing convenient about a second-rate shave.

Fortunately, men the world over have started to rediscover not only the efficiency but the pleasure of an old-style shave. As with all other things we take pride in doing and time to accomplish and master, wet-shaving grants us benefits that outlast a smooth face. The morning shave becomes a time of solace and relaxation. A tradition to be passed on to our sons. A better way to start our day.

How To Wet Shave

Elements of a classic shave

The secret to classic-shaving is getting yourself a good double-edge razor or straight razor, shaving soap or cream and a shaving brush. Different people prefer different razors and with time you will find the one that works best for you. For starters a medium size, moderately priced, new razor will do the job.

Buy shaving soap or cream from a reputable manufacturer. When you buy from an old English barbershop with 200 years of experience there’s no way to go wrong. As you develop your preferences you can start to experiment with newer brands. If you care for what goes into your shaving products, and ultimately your face and body, you might want to consider shaving soaps over creams because they have fewer preservatives. They also last longer.

The shaving brush is the pivotal element of wet-shaving. So if you get to pick only one outstanding shaving prop, this has got to be it. The brush will massage and exfoliate your skin and the motion required to apply the soap will also lift your hair, preparing if for the shave. For a scrubbier feeling try a brush made of pure or best badger, for a soft touch super badger or silver tip will do the trick. But brush options don’t end here; you will also find offerings with boar and horse hair, and synthetic ones that mimic super-soft badger hair.

Classic Shaving: Good for You and the Environment Too

Wet-shaving also means less waste. Just think about all the non-recyclable plastic that goes into multi-blade cartridges and handles. These are bulky and quite inefficient, adding to our landfills. They are also petroleum-based, so they leach toxins into the ground. Aerosol canned foams and gels release harmful by-products into the environment as well, and their chemical compositions are quite worrying when you consider they are applied onto your unprotected face. Switching to old-style shaving props won’t gain you entry into Green Peace by itself, but it is a good place to start cleaning up your act. Your skin will thank you too.

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